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new bone and osseous homogeneity would be restored.

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time the collection of Physical Apparatus was removed to a laboratory

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At the time of writing th August bismuth has advanced

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skull displaying the sub conjunctival haemorrhage and

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Board is of opinion that the accused is a woman who may be

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gave a very gratifying result. Your Malt Whiskey is

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to be explained by a more rigid compliance with the requirements of

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all about his work and the people associated with him but

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salvarsan and its substitutes was remarkably rapid. Babies had been brought

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There are other facts which prove analogies between the vessels of the skin

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Treatment had consisted in one two or three courses of intravenous

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Case of Chronic Suppuration of the Antrum of Highmore

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kettle is set over the fire where it remains till the

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This is the fourth case of cesophagotomy which I have done

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Here is a table giving correct distances from head to anticathode

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strenuous appeared to have died down or disappeared. At the present time

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emotional excitement inordinate use of ardent spirits opium

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be said that the hospital was responsible for originating the outbreak in its

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cover with water add a teaspoonful of salt and boil until

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but did not originate in the original incision. It spread rapidly over


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