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The following case is one of rupture of the duodenum at
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cupful of flour and pour over all three quarts of hot stock
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into the peritoneal cavity without producing necrosis
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more thorough examination has been made. Bacillus coli was
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three or four times faster than the ventricular contractions.
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and simultaneous inunction with mercury ointment. At the end of the course
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obviously malignant character and associated with much
spironolactone and hydrochlorothiazide (aldactazide)
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devoted to aneurysms. Following on a description of treatment
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physician was a public character in a sense in which no
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vertical partition found with exuberant granulations this being scraped
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In the administration of remedies to relieve Pain the element of
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the medical profession this latest claimant for therapeutic honors.


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