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The fact however which appeared to him striking was the greater fatality of

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In corresponding with Advertiser please mention THE MEDICAL AM SURGICAL REPORTER.

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necrosis around the nail Jtoles. The first of these was that of

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The procedure adopted is as follows The cases selected

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divided into three parts by cutting off at once a filet and a

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In he reached Paris and in the following year presented a memoir

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cold veal or poultry a thick slice of stale bread a piece of

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It is to reports like these that the surgeon must turn when

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virulence infection can be caused regularly in Macacus rhesus monkeys.

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periences running in the grooves which the earliest ones suggested.

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FOR VIU LA. Every Fluid Bruclim represents FIVE grains EACH Celery Coca Kola

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said to be diseased. This is the patient s statement.

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assimilation limit of sugars the lowering of which indicates

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ful preparation. It should be applied by means of a camel s

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My friend Professor Hopkins of Cambridge has introduced a helpful

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tion relieves congestion and imparts a well defined tonic effect to the

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popular physician of Queen Anne s time Mead removed to


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