period of active disease being at an end the powers of nature
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throughout the war to the wives of professional men for the
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Speedy eradication being thus impossible it might be asked whether the
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which perhaps ought to be ascribed to this reaction but the effects produced
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involved. February Portion on cheek excised eyelid being avoided.
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except that two shadows were present. Dr. Riddell who kindly
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rashes of the tuberculide variety described as Bazin s disease dermatitis
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which we got some ninety glandered horses within twelve months. Mallein
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showing the sacculus replaced in its normal position. The mucous membrane
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After referring to the regulations adopted by the local
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and his temperature was now normal pulse. On Monday morning
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missible in Graves disease. Graves disease was not only not a hyperthyroidism
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had felt it possible to definitely eliminate this disease.
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with no sign of visceral disease. AYith the exception of the
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vesicles occurred at the scarified area and these enlarged coalesced and
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His the speaker s statistics previously published showed that the percentage of
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stantly obtained of uniform and reliable strengths they keep ood for an unlimited
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desire to provide himself with first hand knowledge of every
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sion flail joint from previous excision tenosynovitis trauma family
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adiposity diabetes insipidus and infantilism might thus be explained
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eminence in the matter of rickets by Dr. John C. M Yail on
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been removed. This had been followed by much improvement in the general
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wards. It is sometimes sufficient to leave the catheter in the trachea until
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disease. In fact amongst natives pneumonia yields a higher percentage
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the myopia was reduced in amount and his vision had im
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the duodenum and occasionally with the colon. Such adhesions
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white corpuscles hremoglobin per cent. The number of corpuscles
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Archibald M Crorie but he abandoned practice to give himself
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in his hand oat of sight. This is repeated for from eighteen to
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are by many persons considered an improvement to salads
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On the prognosis of valvular diseases of the heart.
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a surgeon s careful consideration as not infrequently a trouble
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then represents a transverse incision instead of a longitudinal
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occupy not less than three months. This time is confessedly
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The nervous supply of the skin is extremely varied and abundant. In
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skin of fingers rather shiny. General sensation apparently
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especially on left side from level of umbilicus downwards
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Glasgow s contribution per year would be about when
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ration by degrees only. The preparation having got firm
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mash it well in a basin then pour on the syrup and lemon
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ation which explains in detail just how the Sheldon Appliance is adapted
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duodenostomy or by gastro jejunostorny preferably the former. Gastro


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