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and difficnlty of swallowing with swelling of neck. Gradual increase of
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large gatherings or even schools during cholera times.
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had been four months and therefore it was evident that a severe carditis
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straightforward. The other case was the unusual one of an
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its concomitant heart disease became a national question it was clear thai
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labour is natural and the biacromial diameter with difficulty
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disease except in infancy Hutchinson s triad i.e. notched teeth deafness
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value and interest to those concerned with existing societies.
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To Scour Boards. Mix in a saucer three parts of fine
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Special instruction in the subjects required for this Examination is given
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interference with calcium metabolism and might be caused by any disease
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cases of general paralysis lie had not found the spirochete in fifty successive
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of remedies for disease should as far as possible be husbanded
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Further no examination of any kind is undertaken unless
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Passive congestion of viscera. Brain hypersemic with chronic leptomeningitis.
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whom I sent the specimen reports that it is a centipede Lithobius melanops
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Ray photography has been fitted up at considerable expense and has
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The wound edges were sutured completely leaving a moderate
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described in the cerebral capillaries which would tend to extra
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From th cervical Levator scapulae rhomboids serratus luagnus supra
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COLLOIDS influence of on forms of inorganic matter W. M. Ord
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week for many weeks. Again among hospital patients the
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foration of appendix has taken place and that the apparent
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instrument the clinical polygraph by means of which the
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one and one half ounces oil of turpentine two ounces
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amines and many amines are powerful poisons. Thus leucine an innocuous
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pleasani odour was intensified. This preparation was made and after being
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The spleen which weighed oz. was greatly enlarged but soft
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the peristaltic movement of ileum and colon should be in the
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The Committee of the Nightingale Fund have arrangements with
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The Bishop of Winchester or the Archbishop seems to have granted in
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roll into a sheet half an inch thick and cut into strips three
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the training of midwives. The training of midwives is
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improved though he did not lose the joint swellings and stiff neck. In
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decidual membrane. Other organs anajmic but healthy.
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pale and in the past year she has twice had attacks of lumbar
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and not so hard as the former one and is moveable back
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appeared on the lobes of both ears about twelve months ago with rapid
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It is essential like its fat soluble companion for growth but the deficiency
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the sacrum together with a fracture of the pubes near the symphysis.
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Physician Royal Hospital for Sick Children Glasgow
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five minutes. Place the stewpan at the side of the fire add
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attack of influenza four years previously and is so complete as to
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undertake a new case with any confidence as to the ultimate result.


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