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As there appeared to be no way in which the wound could have

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disturbance from haemorrhage distending the scrotum and

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according to the means by which it is expressed. For example during

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right breast but she says that in appearance there was no difference from

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Ar vprtiser pipase mention THE MEDICAL AND SURGICAL REPORTER.

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themselves either at their own homes or in the case of young

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undertaken and should do nothing to the thyroid locally which might make

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which the outbreak began and from which it finally vanished by the end

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being flushed face pinched toxaemic appearance Hippocratic

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doctor who was operated on within six hours of the onset of

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bellum in hasmorrhage into pons and ventricles in no

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present the child is circumcised at least one month before


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not only the prostate but the whole of the trigone with the

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obviously malignant character and associated with much

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enlarge our sphere of knowledge and by comparing the symptomatology the

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On the ground floor are the collections of Normal Human and of

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conjunction with failing health and loss of weight should be looked upon as

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is considered and the author indicates what is valuable in the

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the medical profession about eighteen months since it has steadily grown in

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colleague considered it was tubercle because he believed he had found tubercle

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passes from its origin over the front of a large smooth sac

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vigorous effective proctoclysis ought to be instituted im

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Glasgow is noted for its generosity and liberality wherever

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Committee stated that within a week they had received promises

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consumption. It does not seem necessary to state the facts

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time of sickness the taxing of strength the loss of sleep that

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tions for the use of this series of hard rubber gyneco

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the greatest confidence submit it to public inspection criticism and judgment.

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nerves. Smellie reports a case of bilateral paralysis of the

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conditions are different especially when the gap is situated near the growing

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Pain Its Origin Conduction Perception and Diagnostic Significance by Richard

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put in the carrots onions herbs parsley and seasoning and

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Buex Brae accommodates t wenty patients of each sex.

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parietal pleura stripped and with the comparative mildness of the operation

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depend upon co operation between the parents of defectives

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dropped back into the vitreous. From this position however

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