In corresponding with Advertisers please mention the MEDICAL AND SURGICAL REPORTER.

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two or three years and the chalk for the last year.

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over the bottom of the cask before packing the meat. Be

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minutes. Put in the lemon juice and serve with boiled rice

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vomiting frequently and suffering from severe shock. He

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possibilities he would finally insist on the comparative narrowness of its

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draining the stomach the ulcer might heal but in one paralysis

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with thefollowing results th April Polymorphonuclear cells

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easier to begin on the nasal side where the sac lies close

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and consisted of small irregular flat patches of scaly erythrodermia some of

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root areas the other and for this suggestion I am indebted

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give her detoxicated tuberculin vaccine. I have had one Or two cases under

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In these days there is perhaps a tendency to attribute every

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In case you have prescribed Bromidia and the preparation furnished you

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end of fehe diaphysis and when proliferation of subperiosteal bone cells is

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Frontier Province India fell while playing hockey and injured his knees and

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was doing a knock about turn in a pantomime one feature of which

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overlapping of the rays in the tissues under the skin. This divergence

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The patient has done very well but she had some partial obstruction

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The total sugar output was about grm. per day. She has been

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means of carrying on the trade of this country is paramount and that

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Intermittent Remittent and other Fevers Five to Twenty Drops every two

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have been surprising had they subsequently become affected. It had been

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kidney was enlarged but at the lower pole two pyramids

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Introductory Head Neck Chest Spine Abdomen. Bristol John

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toast under them and serve very hot. In some countries

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will I think be conceded that the distinction cannot always

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Pharmacopoeia Medicinal and Surgical Plasters Absorb

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ment had been undertaken. He had observed several of his patients pass

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In corresponding with Advertisers please mention THE MEDICAL AND SURGICAL REPORTER.

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There are other facts which prove analogies between the vessels of the skin

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add four quarts of cold water and the other ingredients.

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majority of cases to simple visual inspection with in some

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SAVORY amp MOORE beoto eail the attention of the Profession

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ing add one half cupful of milk when dissolved set in a

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all known causes of subnormal tendon reflexes outside the constant fact that

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The undermentioned cadets and ex cadets of the Officers

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and recollection of the erotic sensation is dimly present upon recovery.

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patients treated at the hospital since it was opened in May

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To any Physician writing to us we will send a Quart bot

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Mr. Pitts thought it worth while to have a Wassermann reaction done and

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view the completion of the Hospital record of each patient.

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even when no paralysis occurs and the fact that infection can readily be

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of baking soda. Pour into well buttered dishes leave until

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