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nothing abnormal found in heart lungs or abdomen. Weight i lb. average

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classification of aphasia into four new varieties viz. verbal aphasia nominal

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inflammation in which a large quantity of medullary oil

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form. The apparatus which has now been got for the Royal

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gymnastic class. The figures were taken in the year ending

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marked although in several cases so slight as to make the

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of milk one egg sugar nutmeg and lemon or seasoning to

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and that in a case where the kidney had been explored

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The milk glands in milch cows often become affected with

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The similarity between these two cases with regard to the

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The first question whether there was any necessity to consider surgical

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arteritis. Syphilitic cerebral meningitis and its differential

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conditions under which the cases were treated and the opportunities of cross infection.

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was removed per drainage tube for a week and once two days

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the Board had no intention of practising as midwives.

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related to the Lunacy Commissioners the staffing of the

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localised empyema. After the ojoeration the temperature

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as desired with seasoning to taste and serve it hot or cold

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of anatomy physiology biology and psychology. Lugaro

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ing with the gouty inflammation is often very intense but

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On opening the abdomen I discovered the uterus pushed

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comes across those in which an attempt has had to be made

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long been considered hereditary. We now know that con

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gow was involved. Sporadic cases were occurring until the infant class of a

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that there was definite tenderness and pressure pain over the

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secure a very accurate measurement. The metabolic rate usually followed the

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Register Office Somerset House with a continuation of the

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ounces. Mix take a teaspoonful every twenty minutes

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eruption is roughly symmetrical and of extensive distribution. It is most dis

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capitis et steatoides. The authors find that vaccines made from the coccus

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responsible. But at the same time the patient whose pulse


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