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that tumours on its upper surface become visible and an enlarged gall bladder
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The Headquarters Organising Committee in view of the
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his abdomen was much distended particularly the transverse
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constituents are only present in the finest and oldest
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Glasgow. Lady Stirling Maxwell president occupied the chair.
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slight symptoms some with heart overstrained that was were leading
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We can not assume the responsibility for any lack of success physicians may
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turn your cookery talents if you have any to account.
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must therefore be added and as with intratracheal insufflation there oan be no
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tin resistance offered by the organic tissues whereby electric
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but there seemed to be something like a tumour on anterior
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then the stimulation of the terminals of the posterior branch of the
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to remove the stones from the ducts either by incision or by
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necessary to remove every scrap of gland tissue in the neighbourhood of the
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pleural or between the diaphragm and liver or under the liver
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Granted the temporary rank of Lieutenant J. M. Renton
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Post anaesthetic vomiting with gas oxygen ether is negligible in amount. The


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