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kind. The astringents to be used should not be powerful
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sieve. Make a syrup of three quarts of vinegar and four
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ounce of white wax put into a small basin with two ounces
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demands the closest scrutiny before any balneotherapeutic measure can be
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profound impression on the unconscious mind. The study of dreams
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As a Spray in Ca lt arr diseases of the throat and lungs.
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Duration in which rapid Begrowth of the Hair followed Removal of
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electrical currents produced by the cardiac beats are conveyed
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they can be baked in a loaf and a marble effect produced by
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the abdominal parietal peritoneum and thence into the
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of the masticating surface. There should be no difficulty in distinguishing
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that of myeloid leukaemia. Some white coloured bone marrow from
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patient has but the clinical characters being those of a
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employed or until they have failed but then I think it
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On examination Paralysis of right cord right side of tongue also partial
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Sir StClair THOMSON in reply agreed generally with what Mr. Tilley and Sir
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to take the place of oiled silk and mackintosh fabric for bandages and
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urticaria pigmentosa with bullous lesions. He regarded mast cells as


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