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then in cracker crumbs and fry in equal parts of butter and
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Specimens of monkey blood taken at various stages of experimental polio
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had not been altered nor had the tremors disappeared. The greaj majority
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occasionally there was some slimy mucus in the motions. I
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arm since that time. Two weeks ago he noticed a lump in
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tendency bo tremor. The muscular cramps and paresthesia frequently com
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Burgh of Glasgow it was unanimously agreed to recommend to
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ance they create disturbance in the digestive functions.
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ovarian cysts exploratory laparotomy for ascites and abdomina
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attack of diarrlicea and sickness. He had another similar
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therapeutic claims for Lambert s Lithiated Hydrangea when first an
of eye frequent nose bleeding. Moure s operation was performed a large
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A quite different technique was adopted for superficial carcinoma
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against its exclusive acceptance. These cross infections arise for the most
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the hospital one admitted November th for appendicitis with onset
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who had been treated in four of those treated in one treated in
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into the mouth and endeavor to seize it. If this cannot be
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six months duration and of a swelling in the neck which
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crumbs and the yolk of one or two eggs. Poach it in
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a tablespoonful of powdered ginger eight whole eggs three
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sodium in scruple doses is also effective. Astringents have
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sicians will communicate to us the results of their experience in
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am convinced from careful observation that the true way
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entirely free from fusel oil ar any of those similarly ob
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glands. October th to nd injections used. No recur
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Towards evening masseteric spasm decreased but attempt to swallow brought it
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this purpose only the notification was desirable. Reference had been made to the
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to find the appendix in a large inflammatory swelling in
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will be found that the expression of the head is somewhat
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Mr. Lister respectively. Shortly afterwards he took a voyage
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affected. In his experience these cases and those of solar eczema were very
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Reyn s electrotysis in rhino laryngological disease
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members of her family. We saw an elder sister who enjoys excellent
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and the accounts of panel chemists which it is proposed to
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Note. Stewed Spanish onions are a favorite accompaniment to roast
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majority of cases but still there is the undoubted fact that in
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a preparation of whipped cream a la vanille. The topmost


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