necting the electro cardiograph with all the wards in the
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otherwise left open and lightly packed with iodoform gauze.
We may add that both descriptions and designs are the
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ulcers in infants and not infrequently one finds evidence in the
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dough roll out thin and cut in shape with an open top
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cerning the influence of position on the amount of discharge
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of truffles large enough to fill the empty space under these
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found. The X ray plate shown does not suggest anything definite. Now
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palpating the course of the twelfth nerve it was found to be
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ingredient. It is peculiarly fitted for medicinal or any
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planus with papillomatous lesions exactly resembling those in this case and he
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Case I. Male aged. Patient had active lupus in the upper
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Operation October Vertical dorsal incision to ulnar side of extensor
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from right ear for years before admission with earache. A fortnight before
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ful of Robinson s patent groats tablespoonfuls of cold
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add one pint of cold water when dissolved add one pint of
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symptom sufficiently singular to be given a special name. I shall give
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acid is not well described and there are other and better
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without exception that the baths produced a considerable increase of chloride
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In the hospital the temperature was F. on admission but after


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