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pepper sugar and vinegar or a mayonnaise dressing can be
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supplemented by Laboratory Work Lectures and Clini s.
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bursal enlargements. According to the researches of O. Langemak on
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number of beds vacant in each. With this information before
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For the treatment of Consumption and Tubercular Diseases.
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the left kidney and passing across to the right lumbar region.
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ordinary ether for this purpose. The problem was somewhat complicated by the
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a permanent character. He had in somewhat similar cases divided the adhesions with
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water remove it. Let it simmer very gently until it is
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have cured most cases of acne eczema furunculosis rhagides and
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attending its introduction is the best evidence of its therapeutic value.
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In correspondiBg with Advertisers please mention THE MEPICAL AND SURGICAL REPORTER.
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this century however James Mackenzie s ingenuity devised an
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used under an appropriate impulse. The speechless man is not word
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following days condition improved drowsiness becoming less. Then discharge


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