were a moderate leucocytosis ranging from to leucocytes per cubic milli

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solidify as in the specimen now exhibited. The resemblance to the appearance

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internal rino. The incision is made over the internal rincr

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accustomed to listen to and even departed from his usual

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layer in question when the radiating disc had its diameter increased

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move over the shadow of the bullet estimated to be roughly

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The fine engraving which Mr. Cobb has been so good as to

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on but who were really suffering from encapsuled tumours in the thyroid gland

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Dr. MlLNER BURGESS asked whether the President had ever tried antistreptococcic

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Enteric fever. Case rates death rates per million of population and percentage

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narrow bands of raised very yellow prominent infiltration. Six months ago

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Practical Pharmacy Practical Instruction in Pharmacy may be

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table first so that one can apportion the space allowed

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The pylorus presents many degrees of contraction and many

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previously though he has had flatulence and pyrosis occasionally.

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relation of internal carotid artery to anterior wall W

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pelvis generally and I thought I could detect a slight fulness

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in parts but there was no ulceration. Films from the fluid obtained

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him he arranges convoys of sick and wounded on arrival and

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until a nice brown. These will keep several days should

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and patients bj God s constant blessing thereupon which

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obtained by the method of inunction is sufficient to compensate for its more

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lessness with increased frequency of vomiting. Finger introduced into brain

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from ear became more profuse with return of drowsiness. Vomiting. Tempera

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galvano cautery was commenced in August and she had eighteen appli

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his illness began and two days before diagnosis be had previously been and

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America and Europe and have been adopted by the United States GoV


fibrillation in the production of which two factors were concerned pre

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little injury to the gullet as possible before and during the

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teaspoonful of white pepper. When thoroughly mixed add

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In some of the lower animals e.g. the howling monkey laryngoceles were

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aluminium. Working under these conditions it was found from ab

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her particular service that of conveying the wives of wounded

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feet long and apply to breast covering with oil silk. Use

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bovine infection was a reality was shown by statistics brought forward that

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times it is easily separated by inserting the finger beneath

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parts of the subject in which the practical outcome is already realized

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us the explanation namely the existence in the fats which are the more


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