to be removed before at least five days. If it is removed

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service in nursing the wounded. Some of these were now on

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tioned having recently operated on one of his patients under general anaesthesia.

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the reserves has been removed. On the other hand if the

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posterior. The opening was clearly congenital and consisted of a slit

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morbidity to refer to and also because the classification is not truly

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The diet was again restricted opium given and whisky

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in the right ear complete paralysis right side of larynx some difficulty

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result of the excess of physiological fusion and rarely if

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negative but the complement deviation to gonorrhoea was . I found

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After operation the conjunctivitis which resulted from

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Boiled Potatoes. Peel the potatoes and let stand in

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a raised blood pressure as contra indicating operation many of his patients

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bunch of green onions sprigs of parsley cloves i pint

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The growth which had existed for six months occupied the whole of the

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of my cases. After the head has entered the brim should

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delayed. The proportion of all cases of measles which occurred at ages

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out patient clinical clerks no student can be appointed until he has

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In spite of the enormous deposition of fat the bones were small

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was often badly borne it was indeed recommended that salvarsan preparations

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made use of them in this manner and always cork the bottle


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