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Surgeon Western Infirmary and Lecturer in Clinical Surgery University

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that in all drainage was not only advisable but necessary.

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For taking powders or solids free of taste smell injury to

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language and allied functions. Speech consequently assumed in such cases a

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From the depth at which the communication between the

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carriage. A swelling was noticed some two or three weeks afterwards and the

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the specific action of such drugs as the salicylates electrically introduced as

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Apoplexy Tetanus Pertussis Asthma Reflex Vomiting of Pregnancy IVlanIa


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cytosis was of course present in many conditions but was invariably associated with

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the operation lasted one and half hours and the patient had succumbed

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troops on board ship had been recorded in the Army Medical Department

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to another hospital and there went through the same performance with the

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A like change is engendered and favoured by acute illness severe

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