syphilis the sole cardiac abnormality that had been found post mortem was a
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again applied at the hospital and his abdomen was found
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whether this method of treatment should not be applied to patients before
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or the ureter whereas the sac when crumpled up at the
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education of high myopes by methods devised by Mr. Bishop
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should only go forward to help when they were asked to do
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phate comparatively large quantities could be absorbed by the ether. This
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to complete health and showed obvious persistent signs of the disease. This
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two inches of thickness and fried in butter. If no mould
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at about the level of the second dorsal vertebra and extends downwards as
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Supervising Authority which takes proceedings against a mid
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tubes and where these are available and we can get three or more
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after per cent. Diastatic reaction lt normal i to. Blood
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observation she had been looked upon as a cretin and was
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He noticed the swelling in his stomach about a month ago
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operations goes far to prove the permanency of the sac and
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that year and yielded cases. This was again followed by a further
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yet appear in public in an infectious condition. The principal disease with
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bo. To Dr. Thom the superintendent of the Glasgow Royal
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and all varieties are treated in much the same manner. Scale
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for ten minutes in butter. Before being fried they may be
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Tablets most satisfactorily for coughs advise patients to allow
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