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ALL physicians know that shiti diseases are more or

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Since then the patient s condition has remained about the same. There

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Improvement for some months followed but the cases always relapsed.

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do without harming the mucous membrane and certainly

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been suggested that lues might play a part while others again were conditions

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no operation was necessary. It seems to me this must have

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completely passed beyond the transient protection afforded by an operation so

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was inclined to doubt the diagnosis. One well known pathologist

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sodium chloride solution flows. This experiment is intended to illustrate

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nominally the combination would be one of insurance com

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method of induction with ether by gradually drawing a towel over the head

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explore by surgical incision. When pus is suspected on the

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cases of pulmonary tuberculosis in the county area burghal and

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through the fistula. As the bov had survived all the fatal

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talked very little but appeared to understand what was said to her. Appetite

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cases cholecystotomy colectomy partial colostomy cystoscopy colopexy

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corpuscles white corpuscles ha inoglobin per cent. th day

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masked with butter lest the filling up should injure the aspic

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each end of the dish garnished with montglas of poultry

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recur and in many a gastroenterostomy has been required.

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with the inception of a new and very slow ventricular rhythm

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R. When patient was discharged weeks after operation tumour had


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pouch being partially replaced. She was admitted again on Oct

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desired to confine his remarks to discussing ante natal and post natal syphilis

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Faecal retention especially as it affects the cscum

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but when these cases were separated into two groups namely

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so resistant to cure. The question of the relationship to tuberculosis had been

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