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infiltration of cellular tissue the remaining cases were inoperable.

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The treatment of uterine fibroids offered little difficulty by this

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mixed stir in three cupfuls of flour. Last of all add the

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disturbance from haemorrhage distending the scrotum and

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brown then turn over carefully and fry the other side.

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Put up in pounci tuottles aud soldi liy all Drugrsrists at Oue Dollar.

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action of the bowels was quite satisfactory by January th

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Of their cases seventy three had been female and forty four male.

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ties and therefore available for practical teaching.

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The effect in Eenfrewshire of domiciliary and of extra domiciliary infection

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Eight cases of abdominal surgery intestinal obstruction due

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in the abdominal wall and in the abdominal viscera next receives

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useful and indeed a great part of them might be studied with

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graphically set forth in diagrams A and B. Diagram C show

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nine spasms during day severe with cyanosis. Temp. pulse

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with more safety be left longer and it does away with the

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This grouping indicates that the character of the eruption is a good index

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supervising authorities by the help of their inspectors of

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varying considerably in size and not hard. Some ascites developing since

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chocolate coloured fluid. Mucous membrane injected and velvety in places.

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too little exercise too much fatigue excessive study or

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competition for this Prize have recently been altered and can be learnt from

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annularis but m view of a definite history of primary chancre

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the same value in later life. So much so that after considerable

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Regarding the question of the occasional double condition

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may be served on a glass dish and garnished with strips of

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was more apparent cause of its ruine and destruction than

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Classes are held by Mr. Ballance previous to the January April and

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boil half an hour longer and add a quart of small potatoes


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