urines vomits amp c. as present any unusual features also
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defect. The percentage of patients admitted above years of
The following case illustrates well the occasional latency
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lights and make our picture less monotonous we can find
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a dissecting forceps. This loosening of the nails may occur
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Chronic fibroid phthisis at both apices. Brain. Pia arachnoid infiltrated witli
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Of children referred by the school medical officer for treatment evaded
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expectoration or nausea occurs. Smoking tobacco relieves
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care must be used not to break the eggs in transferring from
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The man who writes the prescription seldom sees the medicine dispensed. And
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Sponge Cake. the dough and bake in a moderate oven.
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patient was only saved from excision of the larynx through suffering from
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Illustrated pamphlet of pages containing about testimonials
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a tuberculide. Diagnosis from any chronic inflammatory mass might be
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Sterilised surgical dressings and sterilised water.
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In the first case despite a suggestive picture an exact diagnosis of the
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cupful of sweet milk mix two teaspoonfuls of cream tartar
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anaesthesia but he himself had seen that safety accompanied local anaesthesia
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the ham in any vessel suitable for boiling it and cover
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given so that the book is by no means exhaustive but
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returned to the medical officer of the hospital. Whenever the
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Separation of bony epiphyses Fracture of zygoma Frac
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from any one unless accident or circumstances render such
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recourse to surgical interference in cases resisting other
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As regarded suitability of cases for treatment the only contra indication for
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seen in some animals and is probably due to lesions produced
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students will be able to digest and assimilate more than a
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Unsolicited expressions of its excellence have been
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attached to the inflamed periosteum and a pseudoparesis resulted. Later
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of such affections as appendicitis gastric ulcer intestinal
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child forty seven had had treatment before or during pregnancy. In
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squares spread the whites of the eggs over the top sift
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the patient aware of its presence. On operating we found
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has had a cough and for sixteen months he has been under dispensary
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week or ten days but often later the child will begin to
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allow of accurate estimation of the heat transmitted whilst the ultra violet rays
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majority of the white cells were lymphocytes many being of the large
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eye. In case of injury by acid bathe with milk or one part
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the candidates groin o to the authorised centre for the oral


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