The President was the only one who suggested the correct diagnosis namely
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very carefully correlated with those of well established methods before final
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from the records in the literature of the treatment of nervous
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THIS woman aged has a number of small pinkish growths on the
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significance of the symptoms of heart failure are then care
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for instance when the mother contracted the disease at the eighth month.
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the room opening into a common lobby ft. to ft. long
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pi ojecting from it. The Fallopian tube is inches long
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veniently and precisely than any other electric agent. At
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kept pretty constantly in a position of flexion at the hip
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Following on this chapter he formulates a code of model rules
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to cause the excellence of the cookery or the other viands to
vomiting. Dose. One drop of the tincture in one table
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sac is no doubt quicker and perhaps simpler than the
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so infrequently come within my notice during the past decade
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gentle sponging and drainage was also deemed unnecessary
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subject has widened to include the repair of injured blood
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are the infective and which are the catarrhal cases. In
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cubebs mix all together with one pound of pulverized
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loosely tied so as not to exert undue pressure on the renal
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psychology. He suggests it is a science of man s activities as
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lun lt consolidated and collapsed. Both lungs congested and ocdeniatous.
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painstaking attention to apparently small and trivial things succeeded in
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seemed to have escaped Sabouraud s observation was an additional disproof
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of miner s nystagmus giddiness head movements of compensatory nature amp c.
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to whom as Professor of Clinical Medicine he for a time was
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the local authority to determine the nature of the treatment
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all their duties. Time did not permit discussion of the details of the
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on nd November. Dr. John Barlow was re elected President
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nuted fracture of right femur iu middle third. Small fragment of bone removed
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her from practice until the case had been decided. These rules
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connected by corridors stand apart so as to afford free exposure in all
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then pour over the fruit. Cover with paper wet in brandy.
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prnment for use in Medical Department of the Army and Navy. Thej
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To effectively eradicate a disease from man it would seem necessary to


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