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the window into the open air. If the furniture will permit
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Mr. Iriglis Ker appeals to the profession to make up the
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remember that there might be an earlier stage when the tooth was freshly
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a number of years for diagnostic purposes and many men laid
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flaxseed tea should be taken also a brisk saline purgative of
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Syrup of ipecac or teaspoonful doses every two or three
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weak at left base no borborygmi nor metallic tinkling heard in chest.
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Gentlemen I take pleasure in testifying that I have
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Medical Officer to the Glasgow District Asylum at Woodilee
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matted together. Those on the left side were not so large
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mouth or vomiting may come on. After the paroxysm the
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lesions one must recognise the fact that the myocardium
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Dr. Adam also showed a case of malignant disease of the
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Operation on December The bone was exposed by a in. incision at the
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INDICATIONS o J liea Dysmenorrhea Leucorrhea Prolapsus Uteri Sterility to
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sclerodermic tension disappeared. The skin is still glossy but is no longer
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add enough cold water to make a stiff dough roll this out
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successful one Caesarean section for labour obstructed by
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The ABDOMINAL. PORTION is a broad morocco leather belt with
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from the University Court had been considered on the previous
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mittees it was proposed that doctors and chemists should make
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of a very watery consistence. In the first three weeks of
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