medical attendant. When person gets out of bed for the
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also been highly recommended. Take of Ammonio ferric
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remained on the staff for one summer session namely that
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nervous system which has special reference to some of its rarer
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one teaspoonful each of cinnamon cloves and nutmeg one
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burst with a crack like a pop gun and evacuated itself on the
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posterior fibres a decrease of nerve tissue an increase in connective tissue
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whereas during the South African Campaign glanders was terribly rife
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the more radical method of removal of the appendix in the
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those which the surgeon considers to be beyond relief by
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inside and after putting the patient in the proper position
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some years ago and later performed laryngo fissure. He inserted a celluloid
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play but on account of his eyesight getting w r orse he could
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of management and medical staff. An address from the
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tissue degenerating earlier than the unstriped variety.
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thinking. When this aspect of speech is affected the patient cannot
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In corresponding with Advertisers please mention THE MEDICAL AND SURGICAL REPORTER.
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in this country L. Findlay first advocated into other veins such
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however exactly the opposite movement had occurred the younger children
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in size together with the isthmus. Other surgeons did likewise and advised
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sodium oleate immune serum and boric acid. Each cubic centimetre of this
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glands is recent and therefore easily accessible. As an example
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Unfortunately these were the exceptions and they could seldom if ever
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Peritonitis following laparotomy for chronic suppurative salpingitis
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which women have been allowed to die on account of the
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syphilis must be one of the conditions which caused defective development
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such who did not feel at all ill. Operations under such conditions seemed
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excessive amount or clots. Present ilhiess dates from two
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We are the discoverers and only manufacturers in the
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temperature does actually occur can be confirmed by any electro therapist
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an appeal the object of which has peculiar claims upon all those
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to the situation of the ulcer and the effect produced from mal
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unequalled in quality finish and practical construction.
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some flatulent distension of the intestine there was no evidence
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of mitral disease. Pleurisy occurred in purpuric eruption in
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book which may be warmly commended to all interested in
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wall from level of arytaenoid cartilages downwards for inches. Growth had
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military service. An inquiry on a large even on a national scale should
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movement of the intestines without producing undue secretion of the liqcids. Unlike


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