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The radiographic appearances were interesting and characteristic

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under medical supervision. He had also known many cases with generalized

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out patients suffering from lateral curvature of the spine

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There is a well known group of clinical cases apparently due to temporary

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in the retro peritoneal tissue we should exjDect to find evi

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tendency to cholelithiasis a point which was especially insisted upon by

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tation being the most scientifically prepared Pepsin

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Never accept substitutes always insist upon getting just what you ask for

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Cultures from the enucleated tonsils gave principally a growth of

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XXI Report of the Department for Diseases of the Skin

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lirium at night. Admitted with muttering delirium and cyanosed appearance.

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the head was habitually inclined to the right. There was evidently some faulty

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In cases of consumptive tendencies and in the latter stages of phthisis

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of this subdivision divides and subdivides till the cell resembles a spore cyst.

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the fish and serve. Sauce or wine can be added if desired.

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Table Office and Family Batteries Electrodes Electric Bath Apparatus Statical Elec


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