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feature of infantile congenital syphilis and he had frequently had X rays taken

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could be taken for any length of time without exciting nausea.

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Case of Fixation of Vocal Cord following Healed Tuberculosis

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of this remedy but also enable the physician to administer it scientifically.

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As to the exact position of the lesion producing this

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On the following day a trocar passed through the seventh intercostal

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Followed hydrochloric acid poisoning. Stricture had been relieved

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appeared on the chest and elsewhere. When a blood count was done

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Operations upon the sympathetic exothyropexy injections of boiling

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blades directly gripping the neck and so bruising the

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it is ornamented with three different vegetables and skew

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name must be constantly associated in the minds of all those

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the following year Dr. Frederick Dittmar became Lecturer

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to complete the cure is to clip off the dead portion.

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on the trachea but direct examination by bronchoscopy revealed in the left

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