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a misleading or inaccurate character. By direction of the

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disease. Cancer would of course continue to claim a certain number

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Lecturer in Materia Medica and Pharmacology in the University

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separate the sac from its attachments. Unfortunately this

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him gave a detailed explanation of the methods of transport

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laboratory worker has in addition an intimate knowledge of the

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The skin affections associated with asthma are considered

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board afterward iron them on the inside with a smoothing iron

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If syncopal symptoms be decided ammonia may be for a

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strength. Its easy control without in any way disturbing the surgeon is

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after even the most successful operation and the incompleteness of the cure

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acute general peritonitis is rarely met w T ith except in the late

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Double basal pneumonia with right pleurisy. Heart hypertrophied.

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course a mere caricature of the actual position but there was

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in dry sand or earth in a cellar turnips keep best on a

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be considered to have passed through the experimental

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Farm Garden or Country Seat. Illustrated and Descriptive

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he presented symmetrical swellings on both sides of the lace with hroadened

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abdominal wall generally in tlie neighbourhood of the right

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treatment. The voice did not improve and the usual compensatory overaction

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pieces of fried hare an onion stuck with six cloves a lemon

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the special schools for invalid children were considered suitable for

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responsible for other cases. Of the cases admitted were

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provided Had any attempt been made to improve the domiciliary nursing service


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development of the method I have been employing in connexion with

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vants but as the serving of one meal does not apply to

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result has been obtained by means of compromise. This means

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IRON DYED SILK WGATURE is the best and cheapest for general

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Treatment. Antiseptics plaster of Paris and extension Thomas s splint.

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known to occur in connexion with other general disturbances such

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Occasionally a little local redness was noticeable after the


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although they still showed exophthalmos and a pulse which was considerably

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obstructed the faecal matter passing from the ileum into the

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She hits to have a starvation every twenty six days.

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bearing date the th of June the Lord Mayor and commonalty

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either side of me. There had been a discusssion in the Courts

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was inclined to think that the growth might be a malignant

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gently lifted up from the bed and either carried for a few

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sent the most perfect mode for administering Copaiba Cubebs

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continuous with the ribs. The tumour does not appear to extend into the

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deduction to be made. In the Sheffield epidemic no similar group appears

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Children s Hospital of extensive ulceration in young children giving diphtheroid

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should not be enough to procure a certificate stating any satisfaction in the

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dribble Avhen introduced into the ileum under considerable


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