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Trivial cases occur in which the immediate symptoms lessen

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Since the Department has only been in working order a

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theories of shock and new methods of anaesthesia have been

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found to be so firmly impacted that it could not be extracted


She had been twice in the Samaritan Hospital and on one

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When writing Advertisers please tnenfion The American Journal of Clinical Meflicine

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for meeting any threatened outbreak of the disease and

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rheumatism had died down leaving a badly compensated valvular lesion the

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costal spaces bulged slightly. The upper limit of liver dulness commenced

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Premature labour induced with excellent result mother and child did xyell.

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cases of tumour of the pelvis that induced me to try the

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of Soda to a fluid ounce. Emulsified with mucilage and Glycerine.

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ceptible school children from homes where there are younger susceptible

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attended with spasm yield most readily and quickly to the novo intense


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