tain blood. The vomiting continued till abont a month ago
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pain but were often much distressed. We now add to this nitrous oxide
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In many cases this flexion accounted for the bulbous con
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pickled onion liquor or any store sauce that may be pre
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and reaches up nearly to costal margin this swelling is
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completed draft submitted by the Pharmacopoeia Committee.
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The difficulty is to persuade the general public but when it is
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embedded in the upper part of the right acetabulum.
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skin. He had tenderness in the inguinal region and upper
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produce a feeling of woodenness. Thereafter he regulates the amount of
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Bemarks. On inquiry from the relatives no history of mental deficiency
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quarter of an ounce of tincture of laudanum one quarter of
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rooms a sitting room bath room and other conveniences for
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the displacement forwards and that backwards. Of the
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the Governors had several times voted him gratuities of
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attached to the lower half of the kidney. On dissection it is
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positive Wassermann reaction even after as many as twenty one injections
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and capillary naevi. Folds and wrinkles are developed owing to the loss of
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wound in right calf and popliteal region but does not remember being struck
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which gives rise to some of the manifestations of disease. For
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jar with its contents in the sun for two or three days taking
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brought to hospital because she cannot sit up straight the head falls
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It is bound to be far more dangerous than gastro gastrostomy. Gastro
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Microscopical examination showed the usual appearance of multilobular
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useless and savouring of charlatanism. It is hoped that at a
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hour and then used without filtration. One part of the
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the tumour leaves no doubt as to the cause being primarily a
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gloomy past in abdominal surgery and on the then brighten


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