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Ttocorresponding with Advertisers please mention THE MEDICAL AND SURGICAL REPORTER.

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one half teaspoonful of allspice quarter of a pound of citron

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kyolic 103 reviews

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Physicians of Paris notably Drs. Belin and Tardieu who prescribe it constantly foir

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ment of the tendons the skin wound was accurately closed

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weight bearing forces. The author relies on two axioms in fractures of the

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or quinine enemata are sometimes helpful if flatus is not

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linen should be removed and disinfected. A fire should be

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July examinations of the Conjoint Board. The operations are performed green

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run out into the mouth which should be avoided if possible

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considerable difference of opinion. Dr. Findlay speaking from his Glasgow

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drainage. In the first the drain was used because the

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the moment following removal of the thyroid lobe. He believed the damage

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biopsy has so far been performed. It cannot be a primary chancre

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was I confess to remove the whole scaphoid i.e. both of the

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Causation. Previous excision previous arthrectomy septic arthritis

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The tube was kept in position for six days and through it

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possible in this case one would have resected at least two


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