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Special Recipes Capsuled. New kinds constantly added.

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Translated from the sixth French edition by A. H. Robinson and Louis

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of Biliary Calculi presented by Dr. Ord and that of Diseases of the

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The PRESIDENT thought it was lymphadenoma and suggested arsenic treatment.

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of Sodium Thymol Menthol Gaultheria and Caryophyllus.

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malignant disease in the vicinity with affections of the right

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Syrup of ipecac or teaspoonful doses every two or three

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in the wound then bathe it with sanitas and water carbolic

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III. On the Cure of an Inoperable Tumour by means of

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large portion of the medical profession against the

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The records of the School again present somewhat of a

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To the questions whether primary dentition exerts a pathogenic role and

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We would call the Special Attention of the Medical Profession to our

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obstruction occurred and she was unable to swallow fluids or solids of any

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apart from a neuralgia I for the first time exposed and destroyed

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about six months before he came under observation he fell

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The chapters dealing with the study and identification of

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malingering being a deliberate fraud has not. So that I would define

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ment of sepsis in connection with wounds is also more to be

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onion cut fine and any sweet herb you like if the latter is

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