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were estimated by means of Gowers s hajuiocytometer and the haemoglobin by

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Mustard Poultice. This is ordinarily made by sprinkling

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Sold in tin boxes containing sheets also and sheets

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form of high frequency spark generator in his diathermic

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examination written and oral and to decide on the one

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every student s text book. Under spleen too one finds much

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admitted to hospital with a metabolic rate of per cent above normal and

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irons plasters and liniments. Take of oil of sassafras two

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once a parasitic body has found its way therein thai characteristic ballooning

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preparations stained by Levaditi s method nerve filaments were not

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imperfectly collapsed lung as had happened in the case of weak mediastinum

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and drinking and is often the outcome of sedentary occupa

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Clinically Dr. Simpson believed it to be a case of lichen planus

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that he has consists of one or two wor.ds. The Wassermann

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The power to do so is limited I think by the individual psyche.

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will do well to favor us with correspondence and obtain estimates. Men

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Clinics are supplemented by oral and written examinations

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equally impossible for it to do any good. But homoeopathic

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assistant in the University of Glasgow. He also acted as house

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leaves one ounce mix place a thimbleful in a plate light


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