SPECIMEN removed post mortem from a man aged who seven years ago
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intractable pemphigus vegetans. He had had another case in a man whom he
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ers the liquid in which it has been cooked is sieved
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Edward the King s Hospital and ordained it to receive wounded
presided. Dr. Thomas Barr who submitted the medical report
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be logically argued that antisyphilitic treatment was unnecessary therapeutic
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In this table the most severe types the confluent and haernorrhagic are
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Firmly recognizing the fact that the success of the medical practitioner and
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before operation but vomiting at first slight become more marked especially
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original plan and scope of the work. Each edition therefore it
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in the physician s everyday methods came curiously from those who had
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Ojpcration. An incision was made in the upper part of the
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tolerable distressing symptoms had been greatly alleviated and life had been
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of small pox. Subsequent to the adoption of this measure in Glasgow on
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the following statistical estimation of the practical value of the luetin reaction
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Case of Fixation of Vocal Cord following Healed Tuberculosis
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she has had for nervous pains i.e. strong acetic acid which may have
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there was a leak going on from the pelvis of the kidney and
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injection of coagulose was given but he died in the early afternoon of
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RHTEA and all Mucocs Mbmbranb Oataerhs internally in Tvphoib and
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current was kept constant at to ma. with the tube resistance
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arouse thoroughly. If any medicine be suitable it will be
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Tangerine orange nodular slightly tender movable situated just above the
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occurred on this vessel a case having been removed at Hull. The patient
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admitted then that one cannot guarantee that a localised
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be served. If the partridges are garnished with water cresses
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As a Sanative Wash in otiensive aflfections of the feet j
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recovery although when asked he smilingly admitted that


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