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after which there was a troublesome sinus through which fajculent
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practically no cellular infiltration around the spurious fibrous capsule which
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In chemical composition Cosmoline Unguentum Petrolei is an oleaginous hydrocarbon corres
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or abortions injury at birth doubtful No specific stigmata. Wasser
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swelling below the claA icle was more compact and harder.
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partial gastrectomy or gastrojejunostomy. Gastrojejunostomy with
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where any stimulant is required it is a valuable aid on
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ing was frequent and his stomach was obviously dilating.
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intervened between the two events have taught us more wisdom and we
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and oxygen apparatus or an intratracheal apparatus with motor unnecessarily
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corpuscles htemoglobin per cent. th day red corpuscles
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frequent. True vertigo is probably due to interference with the semi circular
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fluid escaping sterile. Good union two months after operation and two months later
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The mother s blood was practically always positive but varied in degree when
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dealing as best they could with epidemics as they arose and frankly
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rheumatism had not attracted such attention as cancer tuberculosis and
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bulk and acted well. There was some fixation of the
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pensary and the hospital cabins. If isolation cabins must be placed on
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superficial lymphatic glands they were hard and freely moveable. The heart
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quart of warm water and let it raise. Boil twelve or four
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midwife who is infectious should be disinfected and should then
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affirmed that when the cases were followed for several years there was very
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anaesthetic should be continued until the last suture has been inserted and
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of Soda to a fluid ounce. Emulsified with mucilage and Glycerine.
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of an appendicectomy. The condition was attributed to a diphtheroid organism which
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pushed forward the pectoralis major was most marked
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lines on which Dr. Amand Eouth argued that there was some special ferment
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The channels of entrance of the infective agent constituted another point for
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bladder or the more localised escape of intestinal contents.
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Make no noise with your mouth when eating or drinking
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of a halfpenny in posterior part of left temporo sphenoidal lobe corresponding
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hand and rub over the outside dredge with salt pepper and
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in the milk. Put in jelly cake tins cover the top with sliced
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and of others some actually present at this meeting. It could be stated
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First Second and Third Examinations of the Examining Board in England are
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The novel bulb of this Syringe when doubled upon it
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slight cough during the previous fortnight but had no expectoration. The
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Treatment. He would say very little and nothing detailed about the
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tion. Froth may appear at the mouth and if the tongue has
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butions to the difficult subject of aphasia. Perusal of his papers was not
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Gentlemen I take pleasure in testifying that I have
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flour two teaspoonfuls of baking powder and half a tea
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injury to the humerus fracture of its shaft or separation of
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Infirmary on th October suffering from pyonephrosis
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Children are also kept off near work when the cataract is in
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effect of these drugs when the induction is commenced. If it comes
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Toothache. Is sometimes purely neuralgic. More often
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to a tablespoonful of the former a teaspoonful of this being
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operation for five days the only unfavourable symptom
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both the central and the peripheral lesions. The histological picture of the
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especially liable to crapulent colic. Very simple treatment
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ing when walking being the first symptom deformity of feet soon developed.
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reports that peritonitis appeared in some way connected with the condition of
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solved in two gallons of hot soft water and when nearly
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incision and drainage of abscess sequestrotomy scraping of sinus
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heated bricks to the pit of the stomach the armpits between


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