the only way of getting rid of the hardship of men past their
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this has happened. The triceps and extensors of the wrist
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The first dose gives a definite though variable local reaction and subsequent
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in this way lowered the body resistance to the malignant infection. It james mercy triumphs
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neutralize some of the excellent qualities that science had bestowed upon it.
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A System of Clinical Medicine dealing with the Diagnosis Prognosis and
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lost. These phenomena are those which occur during anaesthetization
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cases the patients may take from the beginning buttered toast mashed potatoes
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croutons cut in a crescent shape fried in butter and glazed
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The splenic veins were tortuous and plugged with loose red
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England and Scotland it is found that so far as the checking
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the latter was evidently secondary to suppurative salpingitis.
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scarcely possible to say what proportion of the entire cattle population was
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Cabinet Pudding cake citron and butter util the dish is two
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Four maternal deaths occurred during tlic year. A brief
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Sir JAMES DUNDAS GRANT thought there was paralysis of the left vocal cord.
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Pellagra another disease of distant lands I also mentioned. It is quite
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an important in many cases vital line of investigation has 2014
Hysteria Opium Habit luebxiety Prostatitis l gt yspepsia and ALL LANGDIU or DLBILITATED
Combined in the form of a Syrup with slight alkaline reaction.
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to have the surgery and hospital cabins in close proximity to the
ways WITH iJiCNKKi i when tlie cases are proj erly selected.
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inner margin. It was readily enucleated from the cellular
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more clearly than that which was formerly used. Subscribers
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past experience of curetting an operation which I often performed when
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not the slightest doubt that this polypus occasionally
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years. Anything that favours an increase in the blood pressure initiates a
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ment of the hospital. The number of women attended is
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cold roast duck oz. of butter or slices of lean ham or
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the balls into melted chocolate leaving until cold upon but
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obviously secondary to lesions of the endocrine glands.
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catheter and the terminal quarter inch is slightly tilted upwards. This tilt
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present dimensions I now show you. The histological character
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a thin un large portion of the medical profession against the
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the Lowland Mounted Brigade Field Ambulance the st Lowland
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of colour. The cutaneous area contains less Mood and perspiration is difficult.


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