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Physicians voted to his widow half the profits of their new

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medical officers of health shall be informed of an proposed

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The entire home buildings were also repainted and decorated

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administered. They were given three quarters of an hour before the time at

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urine appears normal. No history of renal colic no pain

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boric acid solution and a Keith s tube used for drainage. Pus

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and drawn the eyes sunken there is a most afflicting cough

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i t bhe Provincial Meeting Im Section beldal Reading June and L.

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one pound of powdered sugar one pound of powdered borax

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which when verbalized can be expressed in speech or writing. This

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tuberculous ulcer in the ileum giving rise to localised tender

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of belladonna for twenty four hours will however practically overcome any

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Senn s plates mechanical obstruction and peritonitis.

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sensitiveness of some individuals to certain foods and drugs

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secure without the necessity of holding on to the free end which protrudes

urine contained much pus and some blood. At times he

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tissue and closely mingled with this there are seen numerous

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removed after twenty four hours. The bladder is then washed out from above

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passing beyond the reach of acid secretions and becoming a

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about half an inch of pork exposed at each end. A leg of

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freely take a plunge bath in a tub of clear warm water. No

more extensive I think than is usually practised elsewhere the

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efficacious. In two cases recently seen the lesions appeared for the first

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fuls of corn meal one third of a cupful of flour and one

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extractives obviates gastric disturbances bromide may be given

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tortuous vessels observed on inspection and palpation in scapular regions


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