Can Lomotil Be Abused

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The ordinary dose is a large wineglassful ounces. Most efficacious when taken

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mass covered by white macerated skin having a warty appearance.

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minations of obscure fractures surgical diseases generally

can lomotil be abused

was presented by the Lord Provost and in turn presented the

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The most effective weapon the Medical Profession can use in contending

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faeces and once this is recognised there remains only the

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command counting is possible to a varying extent but the significance

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Accurate hip measure is to be taken over a thin un

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Nuclein Abbott costs more to produce than other nucleins but it s

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uselessness of the exploring needle or aspirator. Such ex

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a gradual decrease in lymphocytes and a moderate eosinophilia. In late cases

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set the pan over a bright but gentle fire and when the

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Thermometer a Pocket Case of Instruments and a Case of Silver or Plated

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can lomotil abuse

mumps chicken pox measles dysentery and influenza. Several of

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and comparable with the hypoplasia seen in rickets and other disorders of

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SMALLER is the quantity necessary to effect the purpose.

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the Instrument will l gt e sent yon free on application.

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In connection with this case I would like to suggest the use

diphenoxylate hydrochloride with atropine sulfate (lomotil)

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and the tube is displaced to a considerable distance from the skin in


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