April th signs of fluid had become obvious in the right
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brim of the pelvis. On rectal examination nothing more
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logical subjects. His death which occurred at the age of had
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From Evelyn s diary the following passage is quoted
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blistering Quid had been applied. These artificial bullae however did not contain an
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product of the electrolysis which exercises both a destructive and an anti
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Dr. Turney who kindly examined the muscles electrically
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Present illness. Patient s last period occurred about six
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of its base over the free extremity and back to the outer
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that she felt distinctly better generally while taking the thyroid and
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to coincide with variations in the infecting power of the disease
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urged by Hutinel that endocrine disorders due to syphilis in one generation
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towards the flap and the flap was sutured into position with the
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greatest value and importance. Moreover there is reason to suppose though
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Darier afterwards had a case in which a cancerous growth developed on the
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onward flow of nourishment the child dies in the course of
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health he was however much improved was brighter mentall


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