anaemic and fatty looking. It gave a good blue reaction with potassium

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movement of the hips and all other joints in all directions. The muscles

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Use Anasarcin in any obstinate case and note results

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Some Emergencies in Ocular Therapeutics. By A. Darier Paris

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was opened hours atter admission. Intestines collapsed a loop of small gut

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displayed by those who had always made it a practice to avail themselves

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Explanation The stem is screwed on cup A and when unscrewed the

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Foreign body in bladder. Difficulty of micturition weeks previously. Patient

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or what seems to be a separate compartment of the systemic auricle.

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The patient a girl aged years was admitted for cough and spitting of

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where any stimulant is required it is a valuable aid on

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were extremely valuable as showing the measure of recovery in heart conditions.

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has given an excellent account of the part played by the

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civilian medical practitioners for service with the Forces the

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Combined in the form of a Syrup with slight alkaline reaction.

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will do well to favor us with correspondence and obtain estimates. Men

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the human species by producing an immunizing effect and thereby diminishing

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mortality and incidence of disease on board ship compares favourably

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the tube and are extremely unlikely to return to the ctecum.

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cultivation growing Landreth s Garden Seeds. Founded

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fixation test of blood serum for tubercle negative. Quinine failed to stop the

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epsom salt or Rochelle salts or citrate of magnesia. A large

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He who would avoid cholera during a cholera season ought

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outstanding position as one of the recognised authorities in

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new Act of Parliament. Doing any new thing is laborious but


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