the assumption that the lad s work had been altered in the

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dining War. In August L when before a Medical Board for malaria

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blood cyst is mostly smooth. On enlarging the opening

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that have succumbed to epidemic poliomyelitis may be detected in the incubated

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was making in all its branches. They had always been lucky

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not the slightest effect in checking the downward progress of the eyes made

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tunately out of hospital. This condition is quite distinct from mycosis

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the criticism directed against it had been vague and ineffective. Surgeons

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stipation lasted a week and was succeeded by diarrhoea.

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which includes Banti s and Hanot s syndromes splenomegaly with

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See Special Abstract. For two other cases see Measles. For

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spasm and demonstrate the presence of a normal lumen. The demonstration

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which will reduce the dislocation and were it possible the skin over the

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tender. It is well to allow three hours for boiling. Drain

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the bottom a light one next and so on having a light layer

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soft. The auricular sounds worn audible at the apex being

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third cupful of sweet milk two cupfuls of flour in which

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needed standards basal metabolism supplied them. There was a natural

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present in the urine. Gangrene spreading. Amputation of the leg through

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a perforation of a pyloric ulcer. The signs of inflammation were also

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nor wasting there were no contractures nor rigidity. The most

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on the central part. When the shells are all laid on the

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absorption. The best issue to date is the verdict of our correspondents.

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specific vaccine therapy. You will remember a case I showed at the Section

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verbal apraxia and psycho sensory aphasia aphasia of comprehension or verbal

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a spice poultice of ginger cloves and cinnamon each a

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excessively high degrees of myopia. They are able to read

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pint of sour milk put in an even teaspoonful of soda and flour

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lowing into the rectum Take of fluid extract of hamamelis

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Drainage. The question of drainage divides itself naturally


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