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the control of tuberculosis which he said was essentially the

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cold water gas and electric Uglit both for lighting his

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cajeput and laudanum introduced into the hollow of the

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and white substance lying between the convolutions divided by the parallel

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nerve had been damaged. The forceps was at once removed. The patient s

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zone there wore a few areas of necrosis in which several Leishman Donovan

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as pure an atmosphere as possible and away from congested areas in which

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Jeremy for permission to report on their cases at the London Hospital.

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cephalus epilepsy mental deficiency and congenital heart disease though all

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evacuating the contents through the orbit and in the third

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their cooking stock by the aid of a skimmer as soon as the

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Each fluid drachm represents fifteen grains of the Combined C P. Bromides

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practitioners to the serious position which has arisen in the

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n corresponding with Advertisera please mention THE MEDICAL AND UKGTCA.L REPORTER

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language. Of the two factors which constituted the aphasia of Broca

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sponding with the left frontal sinus see Fig.. A cast of

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Very good relaxation can be obtained with this method and such operations

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suffice to say of the. present issue that those who are already

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The Notification Act has been in operation over the whole of

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rubbed one way with it care being taken that this rubbing

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anatomical or structural physiological or functional due either to the natural

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principally by direct solution or lysis while in others notably the streptococcal

duodenum and pylorus not infrequently implicates the hepatic

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should mix paste with a knite. Pastry should be rolled

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It is a fruitful source of anxiety and distress to parents.

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distended. Right lateral sinus plugged witli healthy clot. Other sinuses and

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HYMEN clinical observations on the anatomical relations of H

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colleague whom I saw with that most distinguished physician.

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observation. He was passed fit for military service in. Previously he

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general paralytics epileptic insanity and cases of congenital


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