rate for those of the same ages employed in industrial work. They are

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tion but not infrequently this is done with no happier result.

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be moved independently of swelling in Douglas s pouch.

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both sides perfectly normal. The tumour was situated

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largest proportion isolated of the smallest quantity of disease

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the Expeditionary Force are being received and distributed after

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annual number of cases is less than per thousand employed and the

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put noodles and leaves in the stock and boil fifteen minutes

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activity of the cells themselves It seems reasonable to suppose that this

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tion rotated inwards at shoulder forearm extended and

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can usually be detected on examination. In a successful

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enter between the layers of the mesentery and so come


might not be tremendously improved by operation. And of the cases which

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been able readily to vary the degree of analgesia. Where necessary the

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apply boiled linseed oil with a clean brush. In a few hours

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wound and nothing local to indicate the cause of the tempera

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umbilicus penis and scrotum inner surfaces of the thighs gluteal fold

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be avoided. The room immediately over the sick room

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Senate small in numbers but representing I am perfectly

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district in proportion to the number of midtvives who have

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plaster of Paris long outside and extension Hamilton s splint Macintyre s

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thereon moisten the tops of the rolls with a little milk or

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The procedure adopted is as follows The cases selected

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Excision of sigmoid descending and part of Union perfect. Localised perito j Death

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The Use of Vaccines on Active Service. The letter which

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employ massive doses of radium lor the cure of eztensive skin SSESto

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nervous system and set up paresis of the respiratory centre to a dangerous

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into one firm mass and on removing the clavicle it is seen

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officers or privates were not only very difficult to anaesthetize but were

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carriage of infected patients and the transport of infected clothing do not

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such as men s pantaloons pursue the same course only do


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