unusual subjective sensations. The patient had also what was con

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wards. Interest collected without expense and payable m

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be refreshed maynteyned and comforted and also healed and cured of

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accept as absolute the proposition that in the presence of syphilitic stigmata

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reminded that such courses of lectures as relate to Final Examinations

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The ordinary dose is a large wineglassful ounces. Most efficacious when taken fasting

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use neulasta versus neupogen

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second third and fourth spaces to right of sternum towards the third

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life and probably many forms may thus be produced. Syphilis however

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patient is able to transcribe print into handwriting. On the other hand

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iar. iSTo eflbrt spared to make the house a comfortable home

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differ so widely as we confess it does too often from the

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soda spice to taste and flour enough to make a stiff batter

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shore where space has few limitations. I would also ask you to

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chemical processes a knowledge of which is required by

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in certain persons whose higher controls are more readily put out of

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endarteritis with practically complete occlusion of both digital arteries in the affected

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The conditions with which we have to deal in senescence are all mainly

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the congenital deformity of the pylorus and a similar operation

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attacks by respiratory gastro intestinal and specific infections such as measles

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interesting to remark that pulmonary diseases pneumonia and phthisis held

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Mr. Holland states With a vivid recollection of my first case the

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Circulars and Samples sent to Physicians on application.

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Then they are placed in a sauce pan thickened with a

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enlarging the incision laying bare the tumour which was

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Corn Coffee. Roast an ear of dry corn until the tips

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iron the continued administration of which tends to constipate. It will be seen

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The PRESIDENT thought it was lymphadenoma and suggested arsenic treatment.

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private hospitality which was so liberally offered. Alike in indoor

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dition remains in obscurity but I trust that ere long further

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the course of the operation owing to the want of control

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monkeys. The cycle of changes in virulence is correlated with the wave like

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On examination an elongated irregular moveable mass is

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keeping the skin soft. It is very easily made Half an

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judgment to say when operation was wise and safe how much should be

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world by the anaesthetic persisted in function and dominated those

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The Housing Problem. Under the auspices of the National

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scurvy rickets pellagra and probably also dental caries.

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Operative Treatment. Thiersch skin grafts for cure of ectropion. Full

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i At an adjourned meeting of the Section held March L.


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