accelerated while the ventricle continued to beat at the same
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portionately greater effort necessary to perform a given amount of work.
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the profession generally about the framboesioid syphilide of which the case
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that way but it was known to older members of the dermatological specialty
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until brown then break up two or three eggs and stir into
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ful of soda. Beat the eggs for one minute add the sugar
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the very policy they had assisted in framing. These operations required judg
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recently been described by Portmann in the Journal des Medecins de
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over activity of the thyroid gland the most rational method of treatment would
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A Short Handbook of Cosmetics by Dr. Max Joseph Berlin. Second English
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fdlxtHTYl where means exist to procure Nestle s Food.
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seemed especially prone to gynaecological lesions and together with Dr. Andrews
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bread but otherwise devoid of starch was ordered the foot incised and treated
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The patient A. L. a Polish Hebrew young woman aged was
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Henderson Street Public School and afterwards became head
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The haemoglobin in the blood is per cent. The erythrocytes are
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ovarian origin although I was inclined to think that it was
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Treatment. Place the patient in a well ventilated room.
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for weeks. On admission swelling occupying median abdomen from umbilicus
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properties render Tamar invaluable to the weak and debilitated and especially to ladieg
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causing irritation. Its physiological action assures the immediate
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Admitted February. Wassermann reaction negative. General
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rous large veins. Finally the swelling was reached by
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In oorreq gt ouding with Advertisers please mention the MEDICAL AND SURGICAL REPOBTEB.
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but to the hand they gave a sense of putty like resistance.


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