abdomen on the right side or in the middle line below the
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that anti typhoid inoculation does protect from enteric fever.
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or a whole crayfish with the tails trimmed and lastly with
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deciphered. Rough testing of the fields shows no hemian
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passed by the tube and was dischai ged by the nostril and
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as the result of an accident the auricle was almost completely
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ing respiratory movements and these were very slight. The
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The ligaments thicken and contract thus interfering with the mobility
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of bacon a few veal trimmings Yz pint of gravy or water.
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ll For descriptive pamphlets or other information addres
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incision was therefore made consequently greatly distended coils of gut
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These considerations should be kept in mind in endeavouring to estimate
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their visits to the Wards and by the Assistant Physicians and Assistant
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it with air. The fluid had contained oholesterin crystals but not tubercle
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of the growth. The percentage of such has been reduced
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admitted then that one cannot guarantee that a localised
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Lungs intensely congested and sliglit broncho pneumonia liver
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above the umbilicus. During the next few hours he was
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Avas the second child born at the seventh month. The
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including hospital practice clinical lectures and dispensary
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rence. Of other cases explored and reduced ileo caacal in
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lateral notching of the rectus muscle above the pubes one can
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Thcro might he some endocrine defect secondary to the malnutrition.
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mata. In other cases it may be very difficult to establish the
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ordinary symptoms oE corrosive poisoning and was treated with alkalies amp c.
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WRY NECK spasmodic excision of spinal accessory nerve in
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mud baths produces a greater excretion of these urinary substances lasting
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own cupboard and drawer a separate Doulton sink hot and
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from the time fixed for it being made when the patient
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Inspector is satisfied thai a clean certificate can be given to the stud.
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Stonham ligatured the First Part of the Left Subclavian
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Lungs cedematous and lower lobes nearly solid from collapse.
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researches on the anatomy of the organ and also pro


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