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a tedious confinement. The presentation was cranial and

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In some cases patients who have lived abroad years before taking an

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nor too careless of it never overwhelmed with practice

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in character but on the other hand if owing to the virulence

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facial paralysis and one horizontal rotatory vertigo on

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When done cut a round piece out of the top and with a

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for dealing with the area of infection as circumstances suggested would

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du langage mai pp. Que faut il penser des aphasies sous

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the plates should be removed before the case leaves the hands

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Awarded Medal of Superiority at American Institute for Thirteen Consecutiye Years.

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The mouth is clammy or has a sour or bitter taste. The

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had occurred the vaccine seemed to have a specific action and

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beginning. If this scheme were followed surgery would become increasingly

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potent the most reliable hence this preparation is manu

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should be filled with ices varied in their nature and

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left to right was seen in the region of the stomach. It was

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distance of cm. The thickness of the growth being no more than

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for abdominal exploration and the proper time to do it. No

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tendent Sir Henry Gauvain who directed the treatment of the case. He

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Paralysis of Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve after Thyroidectomy.

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prevailing ideas of most of the organs has been inserted.

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relation of the radium applications to the secondary blood changes. He had

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resigned his lectureship having been only on the staff since

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in France and the motor ambulance units for service between

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weight but on examination it was found usually that the pulse rate though

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out into the open by the fumigation. A human case occurring eleven days

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plague from a time which antedates the Marseilles fumigation yet the


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