branous croup. The alleged identity of these two terms is dis
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The patient a young man aged developed a hard swelling
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ernment for use in Medical Department of the Army and Navy They
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vinegar boil one minute and pour over sliced or chopped
These courses include the subject matter of the various Examining Boards
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and on exactly the same principles as guide us in the treatment
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department requires this assistance and a large staff of
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a little vinegar. Let stand an hour or two before serving.
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time to time and pus escaped externally. In April oedema of lower
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up. The methods of Crile and Elsberg are described and are
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be reduced to a state in which all detailed examination would be
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In the treatment of this affection correct diet is the most
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XX. Statistical Report of the Ophthalmic Department
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Heygate F. N. The Elms Wisborough Green Billingshurst
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that there is room for a book of moderate dimensions specially
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their appearance between the fifth and eighth month in the
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Of the foreign bodies the majority consisted of needles
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A Cloak Room with Lockers and a Lavatory with Bath Rooms are in
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blood. Skin infiltrations were known to occur in leuksemia. In his experience such
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mixture of opodeldoc and belladonna liniment two drachms
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evidently suffering from general peritonitis and pelvic
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sterni separated. Fractured right clavicle. Compound linear fracture of right
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M. Thomson Professor John Adams Dr. Quintin Chalmers
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a few days by progressive enlargement of the superficial veins. Albuminuria
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ment they might safely leave the results to win a steady recognition for
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accumulated by the Royal Victoria Hospital of Edinburgh
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bilateral blepharitis. In she came to this country for advice as a
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This is most interesting reading and the impression left


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