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J. Walker Downie joined the staff to lecture on the Ear and

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the case of blindness due to congenital syphilis to note the associated clinical

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ance in the collapsed stage but it is often abused.

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the attacks of abdominal pain between the right iliac fossa

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N.B. The importance of passing the second examination at this

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minimise the danger. The patient expressed himself quite

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in the hypogastric region. There are and have been apparently no

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It is a Stomachic Tonic and relieves Indigestion Flatu

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Kilmun Seaside Home Extension. The extensive scheme

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days later that is on the ninth day after operation the

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He intended to procure a more satisfactory photograph. His attempts at obtaining a

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cyst wall but nowhere is there any ovarian tissue present.

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sections were stained by the polychrome methylene blue method and

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garnished served very hot the loin of beef can be admitted to

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Mr. Jefferson Faulder said the specimen from Golden Square had been shown

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clue to all their difficulties. But serious students could not fit these

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into the holes of the sponge and keep the rest. Then fill

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the reception of the sputum. These cups should be thrown

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fourth drachm of powdered borax half drachm sugar. Mix

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However great care must be taken to keep the strainer

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tric Machines Stereopticons Solar Monocular and Binocular Microscopes.

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