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learnt much. They did not know the factors which enabled some individuals

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upon him not only the Cross of the Legion but also the Victoria

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add drops of essence of lemon and keep it in a bottle to

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wounded. Immediately behind the fighting line were the

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butter were given. On the tenth day th March complications

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to give this method a trial in their cases of anaemia.

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Ulceration into the pancreas is extremely fatal. In the first

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long before any increase in the internal bodily temperature

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ful of melted butter fold the omelet and set in the oven

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wave of the duodenum since with extreme dilatation of the

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On S.S. Nagoya the natives who suffered from plague knew what the malady

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investigated as regards their anaphylactising powers but their

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tions were snipped away microscoped and reported epithelioma the

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appearing in the inner coat of the arteries leading to thickened valves and

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below the costal margin in the right nipple line. There was practically

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this is difficult to get and the proportion of some diseases isolated in

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the re establishment of its functions and by microscopical examination of the

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In the categories of babies and alcoholics we have other factors with

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sun or shade who are overcome. Drinking largely of cold

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Neither vaccines or serums receive any official recognition.

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was deficient. The case occurred over twenty years ago and the


persons suffering from consumption contains these germs

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the fold of conjunctiva which is to be injected first. A graduated hypodermic

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thyroid and the thymus that influenced skeletal growth congenital syphilis

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