tomical conditions the only wonder is that this accident does
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in cool not cold place. These will keep a long time and
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indispensable remedies it appeared to the Commission to be
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dulness in the flanks abdomen hard over tender area. The
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vour by ordinary means when initially only a very incomplete pneumothorax
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degenerative type. The tissue cells are altered the repair does not keep pace
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two hours. It is perhaps needless to add that the currants
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In conclusion he would refer briefly to the terrifying pictures which
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mation it is indeed a matter for mutual congratulation on
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who excluded tuberculous peritonitis and other serious trouble and ordered
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and was faced with the prospect of Anderson s College coming
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usually cold damp wet exposure to vicissitudes of weather
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of radius of portion of capitellum passive movement massage.
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different factors which shows the importance of the para specific or collateral
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Medical Council in London Edinburgh and Dublin from a.m.
In their report for the past year the executive committee stated
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The pneumothorax had seemed to hasten the formation of fibrous tissue
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and the triceps contracted. On the left side the child had
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to the shape and rather less than the size of the last joint
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Funis ligatured and fcuLus removed. Gauze plugs introduced. Much collaj se
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Illustrated pamphlet of pages containing about testimonials and copyrighted formula sent free.
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areas corresponded to the seventh and eighth dorsal nerves. On one occasion
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technicalities of correction and chemists and committees alike
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forward and their significance discussed. In discussing the methods
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black paper are employed and chalk is used. The chalk should
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came on almost every night and the voice varied from a hoarse whisper
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bottle and cork closely. It should stand six months before
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soap should be used. After bathing rub the surface of the
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Dr. Thuksfield showed two X ray plates illustrating the diagnosis
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Bupplemented by Laboratory Work Lectures and Clinics.
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roast a turkey is on the spit. It should be previously wrapped
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spleen might occupy but the anterior edge is thick and
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dually fell into a wasting and ceased to pine away on the
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equal parts. To one half add the beaten whites of three


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