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cme in red reading in one half milliampere divisions and the other in

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oven. It must be basted with butter whilst cooking. A

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and internal rotators well developed. Very slight power of

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animals communicable to man and it was therefore not surprising that it was

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the bone the result being an intracapsular fracture.

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support of this he instances the difference between the period of evolution in

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bined was at this time between three and four hundred

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pared expressly for medical use. From it all the volatile and otherwise offensive

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lucrative in proportion to the value of money at the time

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The patient now rapidly improved put on flesh and said

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from outside sources still the chairman and managers of

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monster. Malgaigne and Roux commenting on these cases

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The case is shown because of the apparent metastatic lesions in the limbs

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ment many years ago when acting in Sir Hector Cameron s

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earlier do the symptoms appear. They manifest themselves

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is more pure and calm and the supply of water more plentiful. But

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to St. Bartholomew s Hospital remaining in hospital for nine months.

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few drops of hot water being poured on immediately after

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rounded by fibrous tissue. The liver weighed ounces. The spleen

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normal. Abdomen was flushed with boric acid solution

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been recognized by many recent American writers. Almost all cases of this

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but demonstrably not the tubercle bacillus differing in size

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and a good sized lump of butter in which has been stirred

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The Solly Medal together with a Prize in Money will be awarded

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was removed per drainage tube for a week and once two days

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tion of the intestine had not been appreciably interfered with.

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of organisation and can no longer exercise their primitive

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pilo sebaceous apparatus explained the appearance of brownish lupoid looking

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At the present day they seldom saw the severer manifestations of the

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nearest equivalent they can offer for personal service and would

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the removal of any gland substance. He contented himself with the ligature

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upper intercostal muscles did not act well. Legs and sphincters unaffected.

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and specific measles infections which killed them in much larger numbers

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SURGERY history of from the close of the Middle Ages

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